High School Math & Science Teacher




Algebra II/Adv. Algebra, Algebra I, Calculus, and Physics

Other Roles/Responsibilities:

Prom / Senior Debate / Lunch Monitor

About Paul Daniels

Coming soon!

B.S. Aero Engineering, Purdue University
Pure Mathematics, University of Cincinnati
B.S. Education, University of Phoenix

Work Experience
2000 – Present: FACP Math and Science Instructor
1995 – 1999: Business Owner
1992 – 1995: Grip Tech & Royal Grip, Director, Product Development
1988 – 1992: Shoredata, Inc., Director, Product Development
1985 – 1988: Panasonic, Director, Product Development
1976 – 1985: NCR & Armco Steel, Systems Engineer
1972 – 1976: US Navy, Division Officer

The best thing about being a teacher: Seeing the light of understanding suddenly go off.

Some of my favorite things: 
Color: nonsense
Food: sushi
School Subject: math
Hobby: flying and shooting
Book: Two Years Before the Mast
Sports Team: Steelers

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be: flying

Why did you choose to become a teacher: Love math and teaching