High School Teacher


Tenth and Eleventh


Language Arts

About Jonathan Brechner

Jonathan has taught for over twenty years, fifteen as an highly-qualified, certified teacher. He specializes in writing, the discussion of literature and cheering on students as they succeed.


M.A. Creative Writing- Pacific University
B.A. Creative Writing, Literature, Drama, & Storytelling- Evergreen State College

Work Experience

2013-Present: Foothills Academy Teacher of High School American Literature & World Literature, specializing in all forms of writing and Socratic discussion of literature
2008-2013: The Serendipity Center, Middle/High School Teacher for Alternative Education
2010: The Klahre House/Next Door Inc., Language Arts Teacher, Peer Mediation, & Outdoor Education
2007-2010: Stevenson Carson School District, Language Arts Teacher, Outdoor Education, & Physical Education
2006-2007: Klahre house/Next Door Inc., Language Arts Middle/High School Alternative Teaching
2004-2006: Lake Washington School District, Language Arts 7 Social Studies Teacher

The best thing about teaching: I love when our Socratic discussions of literature creates an awakening in the room, when you feel brighter and can see this within each student’s eyes.  I love seeing each student grow as a reader, writer and human being. 

Some of my favorite things:

  • Color: Green
  • Food: Thai
  • Book: The Lord of the Rings
  • Subject: English
  • Hobby: Backpacking
  • Sports Team: NY Mets

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be: backpacking

Why did you choose to become a teacher?
Teachers changed my life.

MFA from Pacific University, Highly Qualified to teach in California, Oregon, Arizona and Washington