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About Heather Cambanes

Heather Cambanes is a theater arts educator providing theater arts, theater immersion programs, and professional development programs for Foothills Academy and various other schools in the valley. Heather has over 20 years experience in theater having worked as an actor, director, writer, set painter, make up artist, and teacher. She loves helping children discover confidence, self-esteem, team-ethic, listening skills, and more through the theater arts.

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Work Experience
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The best thing about teaching: I love watching children learn how to work with others, bond with people they didn’t think they would, and be creative!

Some of my favorite things:

  • Color: Purple
  • Food: Avocado
  • Book: so many!
  • Subject: Theater/English/Social Studies
  • Hobby: Tai Chi
  • Sport: Hiking

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be: in Australia 🙂

Why did you choose to become a teacher?
Teaching allows me to be creative while passing my knowledge of theater on on order to grow kids’ creativity.