Foothills Academy is dedicated to utilizing the newest technologies to support our students with an intellectually active learning environment.  Our investment in technology integration enables more dynamic learning, and focused preparation in critical thinking, communication, collaboration skills.

  • Campus-wide WiFi Internet access, classrooms with LCD projectors and numerous digital devices (desktops, laptops, and tablets), and Google Suite allow for students to efficiently interact with academic content and connect with their learning community.
  • Implementation of web filters and Google Suite allow for privacy, security, and safety.
  • Through the state-of-the-art science STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art+design, and mathematics) lab, students are encouraged in digital skills and innovation.
  • Parent/Guardian- and student-focused web presence provides contact information, school documents, daily assignments, campus news, and timely student progress reporting.
  • A group of student volunteers train with our network manager and help maintain the technology infrastructure, known as the Cyber Patrol.

Future plans include the expansion of streaming media, and a broadcasting studio.