What is it like to be an online student? Will I be alone all of the time? No Way!

FAC students are strongly encouraged to participate in all FA extracurricular activities. This includes an expansive Athletics program, dances (including an annual middle school Halloween dance, Winter Formal for Juniors and Seniors, and Prom), field trips (including to college campuses), and various after school clubs. The FACP Student Life page highlights kind of activities FACP students enjoy both on campus during the school day and beyond. 

The FAC student community comes together for an orientation each fall, various student meetings throughout the year, for state-mandated standardized testing, and online. Students often come to FAC with their own social network, such as through an extracurricular pursuit. Each year, we plan student life engagements based on our unique community’s expressed interests.


The Foothills Academy Ashler Hills campus welcomes FAC students, space availability permitting. It can be hard to stay focused and motivated at home. Some students find it helpful to work independently on FA’s campus. They can take advantage of the social environment during passing periods and lunch time, as well as special assemblies. Students may set their own work schedule (while respecting that FA’s campus is “closed,” meaning students may not come and go freely throughout the day). We would love to have you around!


Students who choose to work on campus are strongly encouraged to enjoy lunch in the courtyard with students enrolled on campus. Students have the option of bringing their lunch, purchasing items from the Student Council-run student store, or purchasing from our lunch delivery program.