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Each student’s unique Plan of Study guides their academic program based on their individual needs.

Strong Support System

Online learning is challenging for even the more self-directed learners. We’re here to help.


Through active facilitators and advisors, as well as myriad extracurricular options, students feel a critical connection to school.

High Quality Courses

Whether your needs include an all-Honors curriculum, remediation, or a study of Forensic Science, we are prepared to engage you.

Clea Edwards
Director of Foothills Academy Connected

Foothills Academy Connected is a fully online public charter school for students in grades 7-12. We strive to serve learners for whom the classroom setting is not feasible or desirable for a variety of reasons, but who, along with their families, are serious about being students.

At Foothills Academy Connected, students come as they are, and become actively engaged in developing a Plan of Study that makes sense for their learning needs, preferences, and aspirations for the future. With an immense array of course options and experienced, highly qualified facilitators, we welcome learners seeking a rigorous all-Honors curriculum as well as those for whom an interest beyond school (examples among current and graduated student population include dance, rodeo, and theatre) has taken priority.

Students can work at their own pace within the framework of the sessions calendar, and have wide flexibility in terms of how they learn required material, structure their days, and what courses they take. High school students follow one of three diploma pathways, each with increasing rigor, called Standard, College Prep, and Honors. Each pathway satisfies or goes well beyond Arizona high school graduation requirements.

Online learning requires a high degree of self-direction, self-management, a goal orientation, and persistence. Our strong support system emphasizes program advisement and enabling students to take ownership over their schooling experience.



At Foothills Academy Connected, students take charge of their schooling experience. They are leaders of their path, and program advisors and parents/guardians provide guidance and support along the way. FAC students appreciate their independence, and demonstrate significant self-direction. Some students choose our school because they are pursuing a passion outside of school. They are often highly effective students, as they know what drives them, and are motivated to maximize their time and energy for that passion. We relish in helping our students take ownership of their learning, encouraging them to develop skills critical for college and the adult world in the 21st Century.


Upon enrollment, FAC advisors develop with each FAC student and his/her family a Plan of Study that acts as an academic roadmap. Students always know where they stand, what they will take, and where they go, a guide which is based on their individual academic needs and preferences. They understand that the Plan is a shared, working document, which grounds each conversation about their curriculum and future. Students have significant flexibility in terms of what courses they choose to take, when they will take them, and at what pace. We adjust students Plans based on ……


In addition to the course facilitators, students have direct access to program advisors, FA administration staff, and Technical Support. The FAC student support system is tight, ensuring students have readily available a consistent, coherent network of caring adults. Program advisement is an integral part of students’ feeling of connectedness to FAC and to their ability to take charge of their academic experience.


Our academic calendar is structured for students to feel always that their course load is manageable, however challenging. Students take two to three half-credit (high school) or semester equivalent (middle school) courses over a 7-8 week session. This allows students to focus intensively on those subjects, complete them, and then enjoy a 1-2 week break. There are six sessions in the calendar year; students can choose to work year-round, or in five of the six sessions. High school students choose among three diploma pathways, which indicates the appropriate level of rigor. These decisions are noted on each student’s Plan of Study.


We are confident that we can meet students’ needs, in terms of courses. In addition to basic remediation or credit recovery, we can provide students with a very rigorous Honors curriculum. Students can choose from an impressive array of electives courses, including unique humanities and career and technical education titles. Students are encouraged to explore budding interests both through their coursework and beyond (students know to log time spent “out in the world” learning and growing, alongside their time spent in their online courses).


Foothills Academy has a long tradition of building community and fostering connections among peers and faculty/staff alike. This is just as important at FAC, though the context is different at our full-time online school where students work remotely and independently. After fall orientation, we variably meet with students as a group, and encourage students to work on campus as they wish and to participate in FA’s extracurricular activities. These include athletics, dances, college campus visits and other field trips, various clubs (these depend on interest, and have included chess, art, Dungeons and Dragons), college representative visits, and special assemblies. FAC students are an integral part of the Foothills Academy community.


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