Foothills Academy has a commitment to providing as many competitive athletic programs as possible for our students. It’s important to instill sportsmanship while building camaraderie and team pride. Check out our profile on the Canyon Athletic Association, too!


  • 2017 Varsity – Northeast Conference Champions. 2nd place state tournament
  • 2017 Varsity – All-State 1st Team (2 players)
  • 2016 Varsity – 3rd place in state tournament
  • 2016 Varsity – All-State 1st Team (1 player)
  • 2015 Varsity – CAA Division 1 Conference Champions
  • 2015 JV – CAA State Championship Runner Up
  • 2014 JV – Conference Western Champions
  • 2014 Varsity – High School player of the year CAA Division 1

At Foothills Academy we offer both girls and boys high school basketball at the varsity and junior varsity level. We play in the CAA Division 2.

  • 2015 Boys JV – State Champions
  • 2015 Girls JV – Western Division Champions
  • 2015 Boys JV – Western Division Champions
  • 2014 Boys JV – State Champions

Foothills Academy students can be part of a fun and competitive co-ed soccer team.

  • 2017 Boys – All-State 1st Team (2 players) and Honorable Mention (1 player)
  • 2017 Boys – CAA Division 1 Player of the Year
  • 2016 Co-Ed – Top Ranked State Team 14-0
  • 2016 Co-Ed – Central Conference Champions
  • 2016 Co-Ed – All-State 1st Team (6 players)
  • 2015 Co-Ed – Runner Up State Championship
  • 2015 Co-Ed – All-State Honorable Mention Division 1 (2 players)
  • 2014 Boys – State Qualifier
  • 2015 Varsity – CAA Division 1 Conference Champions
  • 2015 JV – CAA State Championship Runner Up
  • 2014 JV – Conference Western Champions
  • 2014 Varsity – High School player of the year CAA Division 1
  • 2016 Varsity – All Conference Team (2 players)
  • 2015 Varsity – Runner Up State Championships. Ranked second in the state
  • 2015 Varsity – North Conference Champions
  • 2015 Varsity – Division 2 Champions
  • 2015 Varsity – Division 1 Conference Champions
  • 2015 Varsity – All-State 1st Team (2 players), Honorable Mention (1 player)
  • 2015 JV – State Championship Runner Up
  • 2014 Varsity – Spike It Gold Division Champions
  • 2014 Varsity – All State 1st Team (1 player)
  • 2014 JV – Conference Western Champions
  • 2014 Varsity – High School player of the year CAA Division 1


Programs, organizations, and experiences may change subject to available faculty and interest.


Field Experiences provide unique and valuable learning opportunities while building and strengthening bonds of friendship among the students and faculty.   Through activities involving leadership and cooperation we emerge with a true feeling of community. Many of our field experiences are both entertaining and educational.

Select Field Experiences

  • Oregon-Shakespeare Festival
  • Washington, D.C./Philadelphia
  • AZ Renaissance Festival
  • ASU Solar Facility & Engineering Dept Tour
  • Annual Senior trip to ASU
  • World Book “Night” Event
  • “Trip” to Washington DC (and Philadelphia)
  • Science on Wheels (on campus)
  • State Capitol
  • Spur Cross Hike and lunch
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • Spark APP League- ASU Polytechnic Campus
  • Model UN Conference
  • Junior/Senior Europe Trip


The Student Council is comprised of representatives from each grade level. They act as a liaison between the administration and student body, seeking and providing input on all aspects of the schools operation and representing the specific concerns of each class. They are also responsible for the organization of special events such as fund-raisers, dances, holiday celebrations and pep rallies.


Under the direction of the Allison Echanove, the school has an extraordinary art program. Art courses are built into the curriculum for 7-9 grades, and are encouraged for students to take as an elective in grades 10-12. Ms. Echanove teaches two courses for college credit, one focused on drawing and the other on painting. For each of these dual enrollment courses, students earn 0.5 high school credit and 3 college credits! Outside of the school day, Art Club continues its support of our emerging artists. They meet weekly, enjoy artistic freedom and exploration of mixed media, and often make items for sale to further their craft.


Publications Staff:

The publications class at Foothills Academy offers talented student writers, photographers, and graphic designers an opportunity to shine creatively and hone their skills working on the yearbook, the literary magazine, and other publications.


Each year, the FACP yearbook reflects the quality and character of the students because it is created exclusively by them (with the supervision of the faculty advisor). The yearbook captures important school events, contains student and faculty photos, and provides a historical record of each academic year.

Literary Open Mic:

At Foothills Academy, we support our creative artists, writers and musicians and want to connect these voices with our community. With that in mind, we host an open mic once a quarter at Local Jonny’s in Cave Creek.

Literary Magazine:

​The Drawing Board is Foothills Academy’s literary magazine managed exclusively by students in the Publications elective. It offers all FACP student writers and artists the opportunity to have their short stories, poetry, essays, photos, drawings, and paintings published. View an edition of the Drawing Board from April 2017 here!


The Foothills Academy chapter of National Honor Society prides itself in inducting students who meet the national characteristics of academics, character, leadership, and service. The students selected for the society focus on giving back to the school and local community while also excelling academically and demonstrating leadership which all reflects in their character.


An intensive multi-day training in problem solving, communication and conflict resolution, which results in certification. Mediators work to resolve conflicts between peers on campus. It is powerful, teaches vital life skills and is noteworthy on any resume.


Foothills Academy recognizes the importance of science and technology as an integral part of K-12 education. We support these subjects with advanced educational materials including the state-of-the-art Science Lab and full range of science core and elective subjects at the College Prep campus, and an annual Science Fair involving both campuses.

Our School Science Fair is the first level of a multi-tiered competition leading to an international event, and is open to Foothills students at all grade levels. Judges are drawn from our own science faculty as well as outside sources. Winners at all grade levels will advance to the second tier of competition, which is run by the Kiwanis Club of Carefree.


Students each in the courtyard at picnic tables and under the mesquite trees. Grades 7-12 have lunch together. Students bring their own lunches, and have the option of purchasing items from the Student Store (run by High School Student Council) or from our lunch delivery program. FA’s Parent-Teacher Organization has set up a hot lunches program with local restaurants. Click on the button at the right for more information.