Don Senneville: Board President.  Founder and Director of Foothills Academy. Ph.D. Foundations of Education, University of Arizona;  M.A, Philosophy, Ball State University;  B.A. Philosophy, Cal State Northridge.

Nancy Tribbensee:  Board Vice-President.  Sr. Vice-President for Academic, Legal, and External Affairs, Arizona Board of Regents.  Ph.D. Counseling Psychology; M.A. and B.A., Philosophy; J.D., Arizona State University.

Joan McGregor:  Board Treasurer.  Professor of Philosophy & Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, School of Historical, Philosophical, & Religious Studies, Arizona State University.  Board Member since 1993. Ph.D Philosophy, University of Arizona; B.A. University of California, Davis.

Clea Edwards:  Board Secretary.  Assistant Director, Foothills Academy; Director, Foothills Academy Connected (online). Ed.D. Leadership & Innovation, and M.A. Sustainability, Arizona State University;  B.A. International Relations and Latin American Studies, University of British Columbia.

Ted Ferris:  Board Member. Principal Member of Ted Ferris Consulting, LLC.  M.A. and B.A., Economics, Western Michigan University.

Penelope Price: Board Member. Documentary Filmmaker.  Faculty and Founder of The Film School at Scottsdale Community College. Ph.D. English Literature, Arizona State University. B.A. Political Science, University of Arizona.

Kathy Radina: Board Member. Licensed Professional Counselor. M.Ed, Arizona State University.

Next Board Meeting

To be announced – stay tuned!