Middle School Faculty


Foothills Academy College Prep faculty and staff are dedicated to the success of our students. Seventy five percent of our middle and high school faculty have advanced degrees. All of Our highly qualified teachers are eager to assist, guiding our students, encouraging them to set goals, and motivating them to reach their full potential. Our shared goal for every Foothills Academy graduate is to be admitted to the college or university of the student’s choice. Many of the faculty and staff at Foothills Academy have worked together for many years. Such commitment to students and school alike is a testament to our professional and credentialed faculty. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and happy team of teachers who genuinely enjoy teaching FA students. Retaining quality faculty brings continuity to Foothills Academy and fosters smooth grade transition for our students. While high teacher turnover is not uncommon in some schools, we are proud that several of our faculty members have been with us for ten or fifteen years.


Mary Beth Abbey

STEM Science Teacher
STEAM Director


Drew Brimacombe

Integrated Science (MS) and Biology (HS) Teacher
ANTS, Physical Education, and Entrepreneurship Electives Teacher


Adriana Cuevas

Spanish Teacher


Allison Echanove

Fine Arts Teacher


Linda Fox

Math Intervention

Jay C. Kules

Civics & Life Skills Teacher


Christa (Garrison) Londonson

Language Arts and Life Skills Teacher

Veronica Torres

Math & Science Teacher


Jim White

Social Studies Teacher